Springfield Area Public Access Television

303 South Street, Springfield , VT

Email: info@sapatv.org

Phone: 802-885-6248


Join us for our Social Distancing
Open Mic Show

How to Participate: 

Create a video of you performing your music and email to info@sapatv.org or upload to google folder link below.

Some questions that might be asked.

Who can participate? Anyone!

Are there any rules? We ask that you play your own original music and keep it family friendly. Thats it.

How long can our performances be? Please keep sets 10 to 15 minutes long.

Link to Permission to Cablecast Form

Link to Google Drive to upload video


Jared Gunnell

Executive Director

Jared joined SAPA as the Production Manager in July 2008. In January of 2014 he became the Executive Director. Jared holds an associates of science degree in the recording arts and a bachelors of science degree in graphic design. Jared enjoys all things that are creative. Video production, graphic design and music are just a few of the creative outlets Jared likes to dabble in.


Asah Cramer

Production Manager

Asah joined SAPA in 2016.  She graduated with a BFA from Rochester Institute Technology’s School of Film and Animation.  Previous to working at SAPA TV she has worked with several local filmmakers.  When not at SAPA, she is probably baking, hiking or teaching yoga.

Kevin Paquet

Programming Manager

Kevin joined SAPA in May of 2015, after previously working at NEK-TV, the public access station in Newport, Vermont. Kevin schedules SAPA’s two channels and its bulletin board system.

Order DVD

Most locally produced SAPA shows are available for purchase on DVD. DVD's are $15.00. There is an additional $2.00 fee for shipping. Make checks payable to SAPA TV. If paying by credit card you do not have to fill out the form below.

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Submit PSA

Submit information for local non-profit events. Feel free to attach a PDF of event posters. (Landscape preffered)

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The SAPA TV Grand Option


Underwrites  SAPA TV programming for 1 year. $1500

(4 Underwriting Slots Available)

  • Logo and Company info will appear as a SAPA TV Underwriter at least 6 times between the hours of 7:00 AM and 11:00 PM on each individual channel.

  • Underwriters Logo/Link will appear on SAPA TV website homepage.

  • Underwriters Logo will appear on SAPA TV App on Roku and Apple TV

  • Company Name will appear on SAPA Underwriters Page on community bulletin board


Monthly Options

6 Month – $750

3 Month – $400

1 Month – $200


SAPA TV Meeting Underwriting


Underwrites All Local school and selectboard Government Meetings for 1 year – $800

(3 Underwriting Slots Available)

  • Logo and Company info will appear as underwriter at front and end of each meeting town school and selectboard meeting

  • Company Name will appear on SAPA Underwriters Page on community bulletin board


Monthly Options

6 Month – $500

3 Month – $300

1 Month – $150

Streaming/VOD Option


Underwrites  SAPA TV Streaming and VOD for 1 year. $500

(4 Slots Available)

  • Logo and link will appear on the SAPA TV website streaming and VOD pages

  • Logo will appear on the SAPA TV App on Roku and Apple TV


Monthly Options

6 Month – $350

3 Month – $250

1 Month – $100

Individual Donations.


Individual donations will help make it possible for SAPA TV to provide Video on Demand and streaming of all SAPA TV produced shows as well as help fund the coverage of other local events. Any amount will help SAPA TV to be able to provide more services to the community.

(All packages and rates subject to change)

Watch SAPA TV on your over the top system using Cablecast Screenweave. If you have Roku or Apple TV you can watch the SAPA TV Channels live. Just download the free cablecast screenweave app on your OTT device. Look for the SAPA TV logo and watch local meetings, events and more.

SAPA TV is a great asset for local artists. SAPA TV provides studio space and equipment that musicians and artists can use to share their talents with the community. If you are a local artist and would like to learn more about opportunities at SAPA TV contact us at 802-885-6248 or email info@sapatv.org

SAPA TV Board of Directors

Springfield Area Public Access Television is a non profit corporation managed by a Board of Directors consisting of members of the communities served by SAPA TV. The Board meets monthly on the second Thursday at 4:30pm in the HDEC conference room at the River Valley Technical Center. These meetings are open to the public.

Current SAPA TV Board Members

  • Marita Johnson- President

  • Mark Richardson – Vice President

  • Mark Blanchard – Treasurer

  • Becky Tucker – Secretary 

  • Bryce Honeywell

  • Mark P. Richardson

  • Bob Topolski

  • Steve Sysko (Board Member Emeritus)

Stop the FCC

save sapa tv

With the proposed rule change from the FCC looming (for more information, please visit: http://digital.vpr.net/post/fccs-proposed-rule-threatens-cable-access-television-funding-vermont#stream/0), public access stations in Vermont are worried about what that may mean for their futures.

SAPA TV has always been proud to be a part of the vibrant communities of Weathersfield, Springfield, and Chester.  If you, as a member of the community, feel strongly about community media and would like to support SAPA-TV, please consider taking one of these steps.

  1. Contact your lawmakers personally or through a petition at the following link https://www.petition2congress.com/ctas/stop-fcc-from-defunding-peg-channels Let them know your thoughts about the importance of public access television and why you oppose the FCC proposed rule change.

  2. Making a donation.  If you donate 30 dollars or more to SAPA-TV, we will send you your very own SAPA TV mug, while supplies last.  We truly appreciate our wonderful community members and everything they have offered SAPA-TV throughout the last 20 years. We appreciate your support.